Lyrics to Alas, Tyranny
Alas, Tyranny Video:
The battle is over, the beast has been slain
Evil conquered, vice dethroned
The struggle for good, Virtue and all
Heroic intent, vital decision

Forget not the battle of the mind
Rest not, deceit knows no time
Vigilance is virtue
Defend the precious hope
Bound in chains of memory
Keep the fire burning

Memory: it binds us to a path f righteousness
The last victory is but a holiday in struggle
Never forget the virtue required
Moral strength, and intense desire

My current appearance, fester and rot
Visions of enmity, terrifying hate
Powerless and chained, for now I am remembered
These chains will break, and I will be free again


The chains of remembrance bind the monsters will
The gift of liberation is precious and dear
Betrayal comes from within, disaster lay in treason
Our freedom will only live as long as the memory still holds
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