Alapala (The Myth Of Shango) Lyrics

Gilberto Gil

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Lyrics to Alapala (The Myth Of Shango)
Alapala (The Myth Of Shango) Video:
Aganju, Shango Alapala, Alapala, Alapala Shango, Aganju A little boy, the age of three He asked about his family tree: "Oh, father, who is my grand papa?" The father said: "My boy, grandpa is dead And right before he died He told me who was my grandpapa "My grandpapa, your grandpapa’s Daddy was born in Africa A king, a tribal king Yoruba "So you, my boy, you’ve got to be Yourself a little new Shango" Oh, Aganju, baba Alapala Aganju, Shango Alapala, Alapala, Alapala Shango, Aganju Alapala, egun, spirit of the family man Ancestral soul of our tribe until this day The tribe of Aganju-Shango, an axe is in his hand His lightning axe could strike the sky above And make the sound of crashing thunders threaten God And that is why Shango became a God himself And that is why you should be proud, my boy

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