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Lyrics to Airtight Angels
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could have been I lost you when
pictures painted in your head
and I wasn't there

I could find you safe at home
playing games all on your own
you wouldn't care

please, my love, I try
you know I'd never lie
I wouldn't dare
I've always wanted you
and oh, how I'd see you
in the air
you had red lines in your hair
you act like you don't care

spinning 'round
with your feet high off the ground
look down and see what you have found
run my fingers through your hair
cigarette clouds everywhere
I'm lighter than air
can't see through the glare

memories of how you laugh
and lipstick stains are all I have
we're safe way up there
without a care

and oh, how much I try
to look you in the eye
when you smile
I swing you to and fro
I'm never letting go
these airtight angels of mine
laugh loud when I'm feeling fine
spinning 'round
get your head up in the clouds
look down and see what you have found
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