Lyrics to Air
Air Video:
We're different and we're then again equal
Speak of fall in love, we love inward
The girl sells trends just keep up with the stars
Oh, all the words are bigger than air

Liberace will let you be the (???)
Don't cry for us, ain't no (???)
Cry out for your child, you feel dead
Such, so, tear my head, it's daring
Kid, we will be worried

We're dust sent to arms
Here in life. Will we survive?
Your hand inside my chest
We're gonna push the wheel not (???)
When I enter every single life

Say again! So hold my hand and stay with me!
So understand, we be foreign
Hands that have made him
Will only enchain him
We have a chance to go back
We can go outta here
Out of time, die in, die!
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