Ain't Good Enough For You Lyrics

Bruce Springsteen

The Promise

Lyrics to Ain't Good Enough For You
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Well you don't like,don't like the way I walk
You criticize about me endlessly
logic defis how you get stuck with me and you complain about the clothes I wear and you explain there's other boys out there
You complain my car makes too much noise and you cry i'm always out with the boys.

[Rit.]Woha Whoa i give up little darlin,no matter what I do,girl you know it's true ain't good enough for you.

You complain the way I love you at night
You explain I'm really not your type if we go out you say I'm such a bore
if we stay in you say what are we living for
I dont' understand there's nothing I can do,there ain't no way I can satisfy you.
End of the night I lean in for a kiss,here comes the pitch,a swing and a miss.
I tried to change,I got a job in sales,I bought a shirt uptown in Bloomingsdale and babe I tried to make the latest scene,hittin' cool just like Jimmy Iovine,I bought a record with all the latest grooves,a book of love with all the latest moves,I bought some flowers and I wait at your door and you came out didn't want to see me no more

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