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Lyrics to Ai Wa Mada Nakanai- English
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"Love Is Not Crying Yet"

Your eyes don't look back at me.

Even if I pursue you, my heart

Trembles in sorrow.

Ah... but I want to believe

Ah... in this straightforward feeling.

Love won't cry yet

Even when all I can do is look

Because this feeling in my heart

Is no lie.

I can think of you without crying from the pain.

All I want is to become stronger

Than I was yesterday.

I want to fight for my dream

The way you do.

I won't give in to tears, either.

Ah... I want to be proud of

Ah... these straightforward days.

Love won't cry yet.

These memories I hug close

Are only transforming

Into the courage to live.

I won't cry, however lonely I feel

Because you are here within my heart.
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