Agree To Disagree Lyrics

The 20Belows

Late Nights

Lyrics to Agree To Disagree
Agree To Disagree Video:
Fed up with the anger and emotion
I think I've had it with the petty arguments
Yeah we can kiss and make up
But it makes life a little tense
When all we ever get from it are red eyes
It's funny how it's all it ever really takes
For a pretty good thing
To become everything we hate

If we could just quit while we're ahead
Call it a night and go to bed
Where we ought to be
If we could only just agree to disagree

Fed up with the anger and exhaustion
And all the bitter words are getting on my nerves
And you can say what you want
But I know I've been getting on yours
With all we ever get out of the late nights
I think it's time we slow it down a little bit
Say we had a good run
But we're both getting sick of it
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