Lyrics to Agouyadji
Agouyadji Video:
(A gong used by the Peuls to call a meeting)

The agouyadji is sounding
Able bodied men rise up
In today's world, honor is becoming rare
So let us examine our consciences
And seek to refine our race
Our language is not the least important factor
In our dignity
So let us learn it
And let us teach it
That will pay off
From here to the Fouta, Poular is spoken
From Somalia to Mali
From Benin to Guinea
From Cameroon to Gambia
From Egypt to Ethiopia, they speak Poular
If all these people came together
They'd know we have the same mother
Whatever the difference in our dialect
We have the same father
I called Coumba
And Coumba replied
I called Samba, Samba replied likewise
I used to believe
Those of us who speak Pulaar
Were inferior
But I realized I was wrong
Let us be united
From whichever part of the country we come,
We are all Senegalese
If you go to Casmance, they speak Diola
Go to Cap Vert, and you'll hear Lebou
In St. Louis, the dialect is Wolof
At Sine, it is Serer
If you address the Senegalese, the Mandinkas will reply
Or the Bassaris, or the Halpoulars,
The Kassounkes, the Manjacks or the Gnominkes
Sayang, Sayang, Ibrahima Malick
Malick Barou Sall, You are a good friend
Sayang Sissokho who comes from Mali
Ibrahima Kalilloulaye
Yangkou Ba, my friend from the Gambia
Malick Pathe Sow, father of Pathe Sow
My friend from Senegal
Baaba Baidy, Baaba Debbo from the Fouta
Wherever we come from,
We are all Senegalese
Ah it is late my dearest Mariama Dianke
It is very late Mariama Soda, Mama
Marie don't be cross with me
Dearest One
Be careful not to cross me
Peace is all I want
Don't ever take my love for granted
I would never give you my love and then withdraw it
If we break that trust our enemies will laugh at us
For me, all I want is peace
Let us be of one mother
Let us have one father
Let us work together
So that our country may prosper
Ah my son, Oumar Malle
My friend, my little babe
Oumar yoo, Oumar
Don't lose your temper with me
Oumar, Oumar Barou
Don't be angry with me
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