Lyrics to Age Of Romance
Age Of Romance Video:
I can hear the distance drums a-beating I can hear the marching feet in the street. They crossed the river by night when the guards were sleeping Took away their swords in a bloodless raid. As it's getting light all of the weapons are melted Riding messengers spreading the news cross the land. Flags are flying as they come out of their shelters Children line the streets waving roses in their hands. Welcome the age of romance The power of the keys is now changing hands. The age of romance The future is lying in the children's hands. Give 'em a chance to build a world of romance. When the shadows grow short liberation's completed That's when anthems resound by the ring of the bells. The demons of yesterday seem to be forever defeated Poets and minstrels bring back legends of broken spells. Bring back the age of romance ... When the ashes have long cooled down people try to believe it Life's for beauty and peace of mind open your heart to receive

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