Age Of Dissafection Lyrics


Deadline - EP

Lyrics to Age Of Dissafection
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And the people bowed their heads to the force that would destroy them all
and they lined up in the streets watching the comet fall

yeah, they had been at it for so long
and they thought that they were strong
couldn't imagine they were wrong

all the people who lived their lives confined in the shopping malls
bought their tickets in time to watch the curtain fall
and the round of applause forced an encore
even though they'd seen it all before
now there's no one left to keep the score

(so they told you that you never would belong)
two doors down there is a giftshop
so buy your souvenirs
(so they told you that you never would belong)
from the film you never starred in
you 're all dying here

so they told you you're born to consume
to make up, disguise, brush and groom
so they told you you'd never belong
did it occur to you to prove them wrong
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