Lyrics to Agassi & Ashe
Chills with my nigga Frank
Spot 2-16
Live from the murder caps
Only rap city where the hood rap be at
Aye, yo, Q, meet me at the poolhall with the Ace of Dukes
Fred Door (yo, lemme hit you back)
(What's that mt. wee store?)
Balley on the best shore
A live criteria rap, call my name I appear in a glance
Grand slam, accee ash
Ask for me in the best circles
From the air it go slap blood out of ?
Love hips, legs, suck shawty toes on this bread
Pedicure put me on the ledge
Ledge free, award tour with free ayo brim
The best seller, H and I C
Might slap an S curl rapper in the B
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