Lyrics to Against All Gods
Against All Gods Video:
Before you preach and rape our thoughts.
Hear our appeal against all gods.

On this stage to many wounds were delivered
By tragedy players in lovelorn flesh bound.
Brought forth a tragedienne with bleeding wrists,
Desperately seeking for wounds not yet found.

Bought forth now an angel, crusader of light.
A dark bearing knight for heaven to fight.
This infinite soul, wrapped deep in his grief,
Yet he gave up his Christian belief

Oh come forward men of religious lies,
Show us your face, remove your disguise,
Not to heaven but to those on earth.
Against all gods, against your word.

Our sons have died in your Christian wars,
To bring bible words onto foreign shores.
Not wine as blood, but blood as wine,
Now the Catholics fall, our souls will shine.

Oh god hear our cries, and stop these wars,
There are humans who have lost their faith... in you.
There are children who have lost their lives... for you.
There are angels who have lost their wings... for you.
And what have you,.. in return,.. for them.

And now the time has come for you,
To make things right...
Here on earth...
For us...
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