Lyrics to Again I Go Unnoticed
Again I Go Unnoticed Video:
So quiet another wasted night, the television steals the conversation. Exhale, another wasted breath, again it goes unnoticed.

Please tell me that you're just feeling tired cause if its more than that I feel that I might break out of touch, out of time. Please send me anything but signals that are mixed, cause I can't read your rolling eyes.
out of touch, are we out of time?

Close lipped another good night kiss is robbed of all its passion. Your grip, another time is slack it leaves me feeling empty. I'll wait until tomorrow maybe you'll feel better then, maybe we'll be better then.

So what's another day when I can't bear these nights of thoughts of going on without you. This mood of yours is temporary and it seems worth the wait to see you smile again. Out of the corner of your eye won't be the only way you look at me then

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