Lyrics to Aftermath
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Windows in a silent room , sunlight burns the walls to black Angles and dimensions melt while colors drip and pillows crack Reflections of my memories like pictures pasted on a sheet The ribbon film of separate frames lying curled up at my feet The film is just a snake design and the photographs are fading fast These are not memories of mine I have no future, no past I've seen a thousand afternoons dissolve into the night Like sugar crystals on a spoon they disappear from sight Gray days from the crispest morning to the warmest afternoon in this room And I like to draw the face I saw so long ago My image in the mirror tells the jagged lines which way to go The black and white description of the sole survivor of the Holocaust All the rest were lost Do you see this paper face? It has no color or no mood My eyes are ageless, as am I. I need no sleep, I need no food I am a king, but like a child the other children laugh at me Tongues of fire, wagging wild they dance around me merrily I'll kill them all and if I fail I'll kill whoever I can find Then they'll beg me to be kind My eyes have seen far more than eyes can ever tell This planet plunged through mushroom fires of earthly hell I know that my sweet Jesus said that he'd return But Babylon has fallen and the cities burn Marry My Daughter

Songwriters: MCLEAN, DON
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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