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Lyrics to After Midnight
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After midnight I'll meet you by the seaside in my mind
I could walk a million miles with you by my side
see the glow of the moon dancing through the night
words can't describe the feelings I hold inside
and after midnight, I come to you in a dream
take my hand and run away to a place you've never seen
and we can watch the water such a beautiful sight
we'll be together after midnight

Please don't wake me up don't take me from this place I'd rather be
I don't know if you can go there, outside of a dream
if I could I would I'd stay there with you, never want to leave
you will always be there with me, holding as I sleep

and after midnight I'll see you beneath the darkened skies
we can run around in the open chasing fireflies
make a wish upon the stars, forever we'll be free
'cause I've become a part of you and your a part of me

if I lead you, will you follow?
stay right behind me
if I take you, leave your sorrow
stay right behind
if I lead you, will you follow?
stay right behind me
no more worries till tomorrow
no more worries....
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