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Lyrics to After Midnight
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You turn crazy after midnight. Tomorrow is your birthday, I better get it right. Tonight it's just
A Wednesday, and you're trying to pick a fight. Right now I'm laying in bed reading your text
Wondering what you're gunna do next. Keeping me up, bringing me down. Should I throw my
Phone away? Take a breath for a moment. You've been holding on to yesterday. Take a rest
We're not broken. You've been holding on, so don't let go. Cause we're not dead just yet. I
Found quarters in the ashtray of my friends beat up Subaru. Reminds me of those late nights
On the turnpike there with you. Right now we're playing roulette, stacking the deck
Throwing the chips all on the red. Out on the town, look at us now. Are you happier this
Way? I'll say sorry again if that's what it takes to make this all just go away. I know
I'm to blame, don't throw me away. Stop counting all of my mistakes
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