After 12, Before 6 Lyrics

Sam Salter

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Lyrics to After 12, Before 6
After 12, Before 6 Video:
I heard the phone ring, it's you
Telling me all I do is neglect you
The first thing that I wanna say
You know I been working hard all day, baby
I don't trip on what your friends say
Cause you know they all want me anyway
You know that I'll be true to you
My love can't start until

After 12, before 6
I want you all up in my mix
I wanna make love to you

All night long And now that 12 o'clock is here
I wanna please you and I'm being sincere
The rest of the night is yours and mine
We're gonna chill, relax and unwind baby
I go to work tired each and every day
Cause I spent the night before pleasing my babe
You know that I am true to you
But love can't start until


You, you will never be alone
Cause I know just how to keep my baby satisfied

[Hook x2]

After 12 [x9]
All night, all night long yeah
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