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Ice MC

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Lyrics to African Buzz
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Seh mi love seh mi olve seh mi love Afrika adda man adda man ashed blood and fire me ago show you weh mi a deal wid wid de mike ina me han yafi stop all the violence and the badaration ina South Afrika all you hear a pam pam dem a teef all de goal and dem a look fi diman a de roots of the life dat you mus understand anna deso me come from misa champion mi seh afrikan afrikan afrikan everybody use de name fi have some carn ina dem han me no deal wid dat ca misa righteous man an me se dat a so'um weh di people mus understand seh de land is so green jah man so green is de land me no check fi weh dem show you pan de television an me seh ba ba ba bam pa pa pam pam bo se we afi stop all the starvation

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