Lyrics to Africa
Africa Video:
They say the sights and sounds down in Africa
Seem like ones you've seen and heard before
Even though you arrive
For the very first time
You have a sense of returning

They say there is a dream down in Africa
Dreamt about 5 million years ago
It's a dream to survive
A dream of standing upright
And setting out on a new life

CHORUS: So I say to my hands, can you remember Africa?
And I say to my feet, do you remember Africa?
Do you remember?
Do you remember Africa?

You can hear a song down in Africa
Between the eastern mountains and the coast
It's a song that you know
Rising up from the bones
And it's telling your story

There is a human heart born in Africa
Beating now for eons, it is your own
A tenacious, ancient will
Quite alive inside you still
And it's dreaming on
Dreaming on

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