Afraid Of Your Company Lyrics

Lydia Lunch

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Lyrics to Afraid Of Your Company
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13 Dimensions
If we stretched this hour
it would go on forever
once more skewered
coming out of both sides
It's a day of waiting...
waiting two plus three
and here I go again
what will follow
yes I know all of the answers
and I'll tell you no lies...

I'm afraid of your company

I never see you where you are
You're never at where I am
I want you to be here
you have to stay at home...
save it you say
save it for another day...
it's safer in the day
it's safer in the day
at least for another day....

A fly in the butter screams my name
everything just came two steps too close
slit your wrist to save your neck
I'm mouth to mouth with a corpse

From here to Eternity and then back again
something snapped inside my head
spit it out on the baseboard
a shot in the dark in the back of my brain
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