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Lyrics to Afraid Of The Dark
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come down with me stoop so low
it'll never hurt them if they don't know
slip away for an hour or so
conjured ethos filthy clean
it's not for you to burn my dream
it's up to me to choose who i redeem
we're so unhappy here
we'll all agree we're nowhere near
it's clear and understood
but i'm getting there so far so good
they kicked me now i'm down and i'm scared to stand
cause i'm afraid of the dark
i'm so dependent parasite
addiction phobia and fright
i know i'm blind but i can hear the light
it's kinda hard to lie to you
but i can lie to me for an age or two
insecurity will get me through
but now I'm gonna rehabilitate
my life's not gonna lay to waste
ready to kick back and my boots are laced
time to get up don't waste away
learn to fight back soon come the day
never gave a shit about you anyway
houston we have a problem
the weak are strong i thought we got em
converted masses back and 'bout to kick our asses
i'm coming round about
i'm strong and now i'm out
i'll burn you little liar
as i make a fire and i send away the dark
no longer afraid of the dark
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