Lyrics to Affidavit
Affidavit Video:
He'll have you know,
That after ten hours spent in court,
You'll grow up knowing who you owe.
He treats you right,
And loved you more than his own wife.

Still, behind the Cutlass you kissed him goodbye.

He returned that night,
And still you don't feel love.
?Your records won't reveal
What I went through to protect you
To keep you in my arms,
Safe from the harm we knew we caused you.?
Habits stick, raised on divorce politics
Broken-home-grown isolation

Who do you love?
Who do you trust?
Why do we still have to ask?

Your mother'd die for you,
And still you don't feel love?
DCF don't know...

Years that will define the way
You'll feel things down the line,
Just remember what it taught you.
And still you don't feel love?
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