Lyrics to Affadavit
Affadavit Video:
Focused concentration levels never felt before
craving realization
train my mind dont lose sight
gotta keep the motion
forwards never look back
now ive made this statement
tendered here for all to see
took so long to find myself
i intend to use this wealth and this time
i will rise sincerely
above the waste of yesteryears
changes i see clearly
right my wrongs without fear
confidently shading gaps ive even left blank
furiously painting sign my name full top

this is my affidavit
my self mediation
mu inner arbitration
my sworn affidavit

find faith within yourself
live life for something true
dont ever waste those dreams
love like a newborn flame

find faith within yourself!
live life for someone true!
dont ever waste your dreams!
love like you cant explain!
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