Advice To The Graduate Lyrics

The Silver Jews

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Lyrics to Advice To The Graduate
Advice To The Graduate Video:
If you got a message
Leave your name and number,
And we'll get back to you.

Sleep on your back
And ash in your shoes
And always use the old sense of the words
Your third drink will lead you astray
Wandering down the backstreets of the world

On the last day of your life
Don't forget to die
The things that you do
Will always make your mama cry.

Well I know you got a lot of hope for
The new men (2x)

So you've got no friends and
You wander through the night
And now you watch the sunrise through a rifle-sight
Well don't believe in people who say it's all been done
They have time to talk because their race is run

So get in some licks
And hold your head up
And soon you'll be drinkin' from that crystal cup.

Chorus (2x)

Good the new world...
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