Lyrics to Adieu
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The secularization of my misappropriation, can you hear my screams for mercy as the old continually dies? you can only live in the abstract for so long, because the abstract doesn't hold you and the abstract doesn't hear you and the abstract doesn't listen as you heart begins to cry. i used to think pistol whip brutality was violence until the underpinned heierarchy of our way of thinking yanked me along a joy ride whose grand finale is sure to leave nothing unbloodied. hit me in the face. i need sensual stimulation. a maschistic deviation, or still more seculuarization? nope. just a harsh realization that indivuation(violence, not emancipation) ends at systematization, even worse, assimilation. ethics poetically displayed in the pre-dialectic calling of the face of another draws this placentic "self" into a responsibility like no other, and into realization. "everyone is guilty, but no more than i." markel cried in stunning starkness. totalizing constructs flow like life blood from every enlightened one, but there can be no turned heads from the weathered fingers of the marginalize masses crushed in the wake of this city-state monolith. assimilation again, the age old tale of the warrior. the original myth of self affirmation, cogito ergo sum is violence, and everyone is guilty but none more than I

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