Lyrics to Adeline
My Adeline
I'm on the road
Feeling Semper Fi?
Missing those pheromones

Optional clothes
Send me a sign
Call and telling them a fine joke
Hotel FaceTime

Whether there's a God or there's not a God inside the bright light
I won't make you pick a side

Break a body open when it's over weigh the soul
It's ineffable

Addie I'll be right here
Working my seventh step
Tough call, when you're not sure if there's a heaven at all
But dammit I hope so
Being with you feels good out loud
Afterlife comes after right now
And I'm fully here
Thinking THIS is mountaintop
Hoping that you WOULD be caught
Dead with me
Dammit I hope so

My Adeline, if they end up calling roll
We could both
Stow away
Why-y-y not babe
Ain't they all about grace?
Mmhmmm hmmm mm