Lyrics to Adeline
Adeline Video:
Your time starts right now.
Descend and don't go.
Fall onto the ground.

I can tell how you feel right now is not on my side
Be strong, stand tall, don't forget the reason, and please don't go.

It's more than this love that I remind, I remind
More than seems to be.
More than this love that I remind, I remind.
More than leaving me?

Adeline; call for a search leave no one behind.
Adeline; draw the anchors for the whisperers.

There's something more I needed,
The world has lost it's meaning.

High enough to see the world above me,
High enough to see the world again (The world again).
Save me, this life I lead
I can only save myself but don't give up.

When you said it's the first time,
You never should've found out,
You were always there by my side.
First time you said you always wanted,
Everything was always right.

Say these words without a thought,
Taking these eyes off course.
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