Lyrics to Addressed
Addressed Video:
Ever since I said that I was creatin an album
I been getting all sorts of hate mail by the thousands
People tell me I’m soaked in gasoline by the gallons
And that I will be thrown in hell by a god who is childish
Its kinda funny although most of its stupid
Cause your god’s an atheist too and he loves my music
Had I not spoken the truth you wouldn’t have even addressed me
And you would’ve found it pointless to even address me
I was on to bigger and better things til you wrote me
Like a little girl with her feelings hurt trying to provoke me
What a joke, just another Internet tough guy
Hiding behind a keyboard watchin the dust fly
Off of a bible he hasn’t read in ages
Taking shots at Muslims Atheists and pagans
You’re a model Christians aren’t you
Paranoid delusional thinking that everybody else it out to harm you
Atheist Idol, that was best you had?
You’re an altar boy shouldn’t you be in bed with your dad?
And you got the nerve call somebody a house nigger?
When you believe in the bible just like a house nigger?
And here we go, I’m not from Compton
You didn’t like pandora’s box send me your comments
I think this lil dude has a crush on me
And per the bible, rules it means you have to put him to sleep
Deuteronomy says so
You wanna talk hell no cause while you talkin im coming after your neck like strep throat
The bible you believe in is false
You know it and I know that’s the real reason I’m pissing you off
You’re a liar no matter what you’ll always be one
Like a bully who needs a victim you’ll always need one
So go ahead and admit that you’re jealous
Just like your god, you know I’m the feces and you smell it
Kind of like the hole in the stomach of my ex-girlfriend
I really got you kickin and screamin up a whirlwind
Don’t I?
Why don’t you call upon yo god to strike me?
Oh I forgot its because he’s fake like Thor so bite me
The real good news is you wanna be just like me
Rap and think reasonably just like me
And since you know so much about me
Feel free anytime you like to open your mouth about me
Gimme the press the light, and audience for the mic
And continue to reinforce them Christian stereotypes
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