Adding To Their Fears Lyrics

Exploited, The

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Lyrics to Adding To Their Fears
Adding To Their Fears Video:
They don´t understand us

Safety pins and leathers

Better than being a drag queen

False eye-lashes and leathers

Better than mugging old ladies

Or raping innocent girls

Or haning around kids playground

Looking for cheap thrills

We´re adding to their fears

They don´t like how we look

Our hairstyle or our gear

Ignorance only make them worse

Adding to their fears

They often take one look at us

Their expression says it all

In their world of ego building

We don´t rate at all

We´re adding to their fears

They acted the same when others came

With drapes and blue suede shoes

Reggae and heavy metal

Jazz and grass roots blues

Prince charles might like break dancing

And di might just like funk

But we don´t give a fucking shit

Cause we´re still playing to the punks
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