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Lyrics to Addicted To Storms
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The poor folks feel me
The others think that im intrestin
The rappers think silently,
Dammit he is the king.
I aint tryin to rub it in
Its really this fuckin pen
Wont let a nigga sleep
From the problems that trouble him.
Or maybe its her
While shes spillin this black blood
My gurl hates when i snort coke
Cuz i cant fuck?
I guess cuz i trust you
Or maybe cuz im gone
On this excellent mushroom
But just for the record
I could smoke marijuana
And still fuck
Like my aunt Bettys horny chihuahua
Im short on saliva
That mean i suffer from cottonmouth
So many dark memories
Im fightin to block em out.

If hes always in some trouble
But inside you like him
Youre addicted to storms
And baby he will provide em
The cool cats fade
And end up dead or in prison
Or workin bullshit jobs
Cuz they never would listen (2 times)
Im sorry that my music
Aint for people to dance to
In fact grab a bible
Lets please go to Matthew
Nah im not a preacher
But im guessing you know that
I do give advice,
Like youre too young to smoke crack.
No really im serious
Youll fuckin crave it all day
I got a friend that sells his ass
And he aint even gay.
But i wont say his name
Im sure that Brad is emberrassed
Hes addicted to rock
And i feel bad for his parents
And i know that im lost
But see, i been thru alot
So try to listen everytime
That SPM do a talk
Drugs will destroy you
But good grades make u beautiful
And if he left school
Mami he isnt suitable

Every nerd making A's
Stays on top of the game
And there isnt any hope
For those caught up in gangs
You only get one chance
And then youre adults
Study hard while youre young
It brings endless results
And its always god first
Cuz the devil is real
And when you see me
In the dropped '77 cevielle
I hope you tell me something good
Like the U
Because a G stand for
Graduate of of 2 g blank
So fill so fill it in
I jus say it
Cuz u mean so much
And when i tell you, that i love you
It extreme?
But this is the end of my 40
So im resting my pen
Like the beer commercial say
I gotta know when to say when

And i know you got a crush on him mami
He makes you feel alive right
But fuck that
Look at his report card
Especially in the conduct section
A dumbass who dragged you down thru the mud
Thru ditches and gutters
Some people are addicted to storms
Cuz they were raised in one
So they become attracted to trouble
But recognize it and fight it
Only you can save you baby...

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