Lyrics to Adam
Adam Video:
Adam is a refugee
he had to leave his home country
his mother is left of his family
now he's going to school to learn to read and write

he doesn't speak their language
he don't look like them
that's the only reason why
his classmates never play with him

c'mon c'mon
it is just a shame
and it happens everywhere
I don't think it's fair
tell me who's to blame
it is just a shame
that it happens every day
say, do you think it's fair
don't you feel the same

Adam is a refugee
but his mother and he soon settled down
she's got a job as a charwoman
everything is fine, fine, fine

Adam speaks their language now
his classmates let him play with them
then one day a letter arrives
he's about to be deported

(Thanks to Antony for these lyrics)
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