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Lyrics to Active Contrition
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[Music - Lorenzo]
[Lyrics - Tecchio]

Tired of penance
and words
Confession is absurd
Cause you
Shouldn't have
Done the deed
In the first place
For sure
Ten percent
Of my check
Get to get my
Head checked
It's like paying
To have friends;
Joining one of
Your sects

Acts of contrition
get me free again
To remind God
I have no regrets
Should he forget

And the madness
Goes on
In his name
There's no wrong
The collection basket
Pass the buck
Right along
Holy wars
What a joke
Bloody hands
Robes are soaked
Rationalize it away
All commandments
On hold
Songwriters: D LORENZO, A TECHIO
Publisher: Lyrics © EXIST TO RESIST
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