Across The Vast Storm Front Lyrics

Dead Of Winter

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Lyrics to Across The Vast Storm Front
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Dark entities bear me upon chaotic winds
The end has been summoned
The black gate has opened
The rides have appeared
To descend upon the lambs
Crying for the black tears of the fallen angels
Screaming for the true wisdom of the ancient ones
I grasp the charred hands that reach towards me
And fly on the howling winds of the storm

Tearing... across the vast storm front
Borne by the storm
Riding the chaos winds
Pure fire blazes in my eyes
As I lead the host across the skies
A figure shrouded in tattered cloak of night
Stands atop the Great Mountain and curses the stars
He beckons down the spiritual forces from nebulae beyond
His dripping wrath empowers the host as they race across the sky

The seas are boiling, the heavens are churning
The hell spawned mass cavorts on high
The earth ablaze, our lands our burning
The final hour is nigh...
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