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Lyrics to Across The Gray Waters
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Through the gray waters of Styx
a ferryman steers his boat
Charon the carrier of souls
approaches the twilight bank

On the bank there's a shape
the god Hermes
with the dead souls he's waiting
Charon to carry them to Hades

Charon takes the souls
to their afterlife
beyond the dark gray waters
to the world of god Hades

The gates leading to afterworld
guarded by Cerberus
no soul could return to life
no soul could pass this three-headed dog

Through the gates they arrive
to the terminal of their paths
Erinyids vigilant eyes
watching them with hate

Forgive me the sins I've done
Forgive me the lies I've told

Erinyids have no feelings
filthy souls shall suffer
those merciless beasts
lurking for the lost
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