Lyrics to Ack A Azz
Ack A Azz Video:

I Din came down
Feel real good
Look so fresh
Rep my hood

Imma acka azz
Acka azz
Acka azz
Imma acka azz
Acka azz
Acka azz

Verse 1:
Bom chicka wah wah I smell good
Lookin so fresh and im reppin my hood
Do da dam dougie watch me just do it
Watch me just do it watch me just do it
Refrigirator on my neck im so coo
Everywere I go they say im dat dude
Attitude messed up im so rude
Im hungry on da grind not talkn bout food
Don't touch me im all in da zone
Stuntin in da club all night long
Watch so big got diamond and stones
Swagga so thoed I can't be cloned
Erebody krunk when dis song come on
Money in my pocket they so swoll
get ya life togetha im so on
Im so right can't neva be wrong

Verse 2:
You just do you
Imma do me
I din came down im chilln on da scene
Get money get money gotta get green
Earrangs shinin mite cause ya to blink
Shawty look fly I can't even lie
Eyez got stuck as she walked by
Locked in target on her hips and thighs
Step ya game up bro pimp ya life
whip look like sometin from pimp my ride
My tint so dark look like I hide
Make it rain on em look like god cried
Arrest me for being fresh I think iz a crime
Brand new shoes
Brand new clothes
Every thang brand new aint nottin old
sweatin so bad but my chest so cold
So Hot in hurr stop drop then roll

Verse 3:
Holla at Big Strad and BigBeatz
Erebody wanna know who I be
Imma spell my name rap real slowely
C U T T A To tha C
Im So known stars hang wit me
So many gulz forget they face when we meet
So many chics forget they name when we speak
Get so much dough I got my own Chuckie Cheese
Im tha real thang you just a wanna be
You a silly broke scrub and I'm the KING
Check me out my swagga so mean
Step out tha way let me do my thang
Do my thang?? Lemme do my thang
Cuz my diamond ring shinin and im so clean
Sometimez I feel I can do anything
Then I realize with money I can do anything
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