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The old songs are out of key and i am motionless to their beats. Let the dead ones rest in their graves, because i need new solutions to old problems; new solutions to new problems. We have to be a step ahead or we'll run like Achilles runs - in vain - we'll run for our lives. Yeah 'life feels shorter as it grows fuller': the irony that drives me to the edge of a furious sea. But the stones are falling from a darkened sky, blocking my greedy hands outstretched to grasp every straw of fragile life. And if this world is not for me i will set it on fire and watch it burn 'til there is but ashes left. I can't believe my eyes. I thought these were changing times. Are we changing the times? And are these flames of discontent really firestorms to purify? Have we lost our will to tear down the walls, burn the flags and start again? History shall judge us. We're history.
â??Reactionary' means being a step behind. â??Revolutionary' means being a step ahead. Unless, of couse, the Revolution itself is a step behind.

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