Lyrics to Accelerate
Accelerate Video:
Many people will get hurt
Take your time and I'll finish your dessert
Don't look people right in the eyes
If you can, you can

Wars erupting like volcanoes
Blood streaming down the walls
It's out of our hands, so baby let go
Let go, and

Take it off, hit me hard like a drum
This must be paradise, cause I am numb
Let's have fun, let's have fun

Bear the cross, die for love
Crucify them, kill for love
Pray the gods will turn the tides if you can
To death

Stop the clock, whatever turns you on
This must be paradise, cause I can count
What's the time, what's the cost?
What's your price, face it out

Start the car
Don't look back
Accelerate forever time

Start the car, don't look back, accelerate
This must be paradise, cause we can fake
It's too late, it's too strong
It's only blood, it's the siren song
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