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Dr Hook

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Lyrics to Acapulco Goldie
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(Shel Silverstein)

(Hey play the guitars)
(I love to hear the guitars play)
(Oh I love to sing, I love to sing)

She was dancing when I seen her, in a Mexican cantina
In a neighbourhood they call La Zona Roja (hahahaha)
She had a child's smile, but she told me, in a while
It would take a lot of gold to get to know her (Oh)

Acapulco Goldie, donde did you go
You said you'd always hold me
But you run away with me Acapulco gold

(Oh that's a terrible thing you did)

I knew there's no-one cuter, then she said she was a puta
I said "What does puta mean?" Hmm and so she told me... (Oh no)
Then we went to meet a dealer, we smoked and drank tequila
Then the lights went out and I guess that's where she rolled me (just like)

Acapulco Goldie, por que did you go?
You said you'd always hold me
But you vamos away with me Acapulco gold
Yes, you run away with me Acapulco gold

(Oh Goldie)
(How can you do these things to me?)
(Where's my gun?)
(Who took my gun?)
(On no, I don't feel good)
(I don't feel good babe)
(Start the guitars)
(Start the guitars)

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