Lyrics to Acappella
Acappella Video:
I don't need a beat for me to touch you, cuff you up and love you
listen to me I could make it louder or bring it down to a whisper like damn..
Honey, why you rushin'? I like it when you're cussin'
Especially when it's dirty, it turns me on like damn..
We could do a little bit of role play
spread 'em for the teacher, baby or you'll get a bad grade
We could keep it just like this
but if you want somethin' to rock to, I can drop the beat like this
movin' by the rhythm of the clap
tease you just a bit, bring it in and pull it back
if I wanna speed it up, I'll give you a little slap
but regardless I could make you want it bad

When I lay you on the bed
I ain't playin', I'ma do exactly what I said
Kiss you on the collarbone, right up to your neck
Get you beggin' for some more, it's the best and nothing less, baby
I don't need a beat

Chorus (Viddy V):
I could do it acappella, oohh
I could give you what you need, baby
just you and me
if you want it acappella, ayy
I was thinking maybe we could twerk it out

Verse 2 (AM Kidd):
Come here, gimme kisses, you got me so addicted
I'm pacin' every stroke, goin' by your heavy breathin'
as I'm giving you the business, tell me how you like it in my ear
come on let it out, let the neighbors know you're here
cause we on, and we could keep it steady till the morn'
if you feelin' freaky, get the camera and hit record
and I could play the boss, and you could be my intern
and in turn, I'll give you the position that you deserve
we could keep it just like this
but if you want somethin' to ride to, I can drop my verse like this
baby, let me take control, close your eyes and let it go
let me feel every spot of your body, I won't take a "no"
when it comes to this, I'm dedicated
make you feel all woozy like you heavily medicated
but girl, I could keep it rough or do it sweet
whatever you like, just listen to me

(Thanks to Kevin for these lyrics)
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