Lyrics to Acapella Flow
Acapella Flow Video:

Ay I got them people like breeze he ain't playin with em but I'm really am I'm in the kitchen pot plenty yams
And I ain't talkin bout them candys naw I'm talkin bout goin flippin a couple of times now I'm ridin candys
U no I keep the glock nine handy
I white chalk outline yo whole damn family I promise I pop mine the only thing I regret in pop dyin and lyrically I'm in the
Top 5
So catch me in the summer 09 at the stop sign with the top down with some ones and polo jeans and a tank top playin bite down
I'm to legit to quit been the shit and I'm still is nigga rite now
And ya'll niggas gay ass hell like two sissys on the hotline
So how and the hell ya'll gone stop mine
In case u wonderin I'm quite fine
Way before u even heard the song
I was on the scene
Gettin wiped downed
So wipe me down how u like me now
Just bought a ak wanna fight me now PUSSY
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