Lyrics to Abyss
Abyss Video:
Strophe 1
Just one look from you, and the sun will rise.
Just a word from you and the earth begins to turn.
what´s happened to you? I can not feel anything.
Your fulfilling, beautiful love. where is it gone?

to escape the void.
we met between the time and space
My Abyss
your heart is tied up caught in you own
so shine your eyes, and your heart is freed.

Strophe 2
You should be loved, but thoughts flow endlessly.
Are you really there? where will you go?
This dark feeling. it will tear you to pieces.
I would like to take it, I do not know but you.

The lightning in your eyes, dressed in darkness
And Lost in thoughts, you lose yourself in staring views.
The reflecting sadness, freezing to death my heart.
What's the matter with you? It hurts bitterly you see like this.

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