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Lyrics to Absence Of Forgiveness
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All that I believe they will say
That we would go in anyway
I'm forced to support the pain you spread
That this will never end
But I've been sane, all this time
You're to blame, You will not survive
We've no way to stop this pain
It's slowing down, time is running out
This world they'll drown, with no mercy just a frown
I can't believe this is happening

It's brought a vision to us all
Belittle all the things they have told
We're gonna fight this until we're old
That we would give our souls
To free them all from your sights
To make you fall, you will not survive

All I do is for the benefit of you
I come in peace, don't harm me
You won't lose, if you agree to our policy to rule
Over you, don't put up a defence
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