Lyrics to Absalom
Absalom Video:
This begun before day one. I see a place where I never was. I hear a plan unspoken: in silence do like daddy does. Hopes that you held so dear. That I'd be just like you. Mistakes I never had the chance to make. I've given you and yours a try. I've lived within your fucking lie. You lowered your eyes as I endured my pain. What can you offer when what I face is our last name? Step off your pedestal and come give me a hand. Together but separate we stand a chance. Bound to fight before I die. I'll never live your fucking lie. Molded from the very start. Thrown into the fire against Maybe if I was born back then, I would think just like you. Maybe if I was from your time I would hate what I've become too. Blasted by your hammer, but I will hold my own shape. Blasted by your hammer, this isn't all that I can take. Your: despair, disgrace, regret. Your: contempt, anger, and hate. My hopes, my dreams, my pride. My love, my heart, my life

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