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Lyrics to Abraham and Isaac
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Oh great Teacher,

are you a promise keeper?

It's time to go son;
the work must be done.

Oh great Father,

would you call for slaughter?

We waited so long.
I waited so long.

Oh great Provider,

have we made you tired?

Am I to blame now?
Am I to blame somehow?

Burning torches-
is this how I worship?
It's on the way now-
the lamb is on the way now.

Am I to say how?

All that you hope,
all that you know,
all that you thought was yours

to hold: burn it alive.
Learn to set fire,
learn to fear what you sacrifice.

Oh great Servant,

you have served your purpose.
Put your hand down.
Put your hand down.

Oh great Promise,

to finish what I started
is not too much now.

To spread our son out,
you will not see how,
but I swear by myself,
I swear to your health,
just as I saw you lay him down.

Ram you come out!
Ram you come out!
Ram, would you lay your body down.

Oh my Father,

I see the wood and fire.

But where's your lamb now?

Where's our lamb now?
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