Lyrics to Above Water
Above Water Video:
Innocent at birth,
Then we get up and go to school
All we had to think about was if we'd done our homework
Simple and true

Then we set sail,
I got torn in two
It takes a while to cool a soul angered by the rain
but holding on the wind is changing

The tide is turning, it's guiding me in
Somebody's waiting upon the shore
Thought I was sinking
But quietly I'm floating up
Soon I'll be above water

Salt's in my eyes, but i'm safe from here
I've turned the corner just in time,
I'm swimming with the tide,yeh,
Faces I know, catching me wide open as I go
I may not be an open book but I can truly say
That somewhere scattered lost at sea are pages I misplaced


Quietly i'm swimming,
Peacefully i'm floating
Tthere are people waiting on the shore

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