Lyrics to Above The Limit
Above The Limit Video:
Uh young eazi yea listen i said, i rise above the limit
Of every minute
i strive to be the best at everything i do
face the fact that i'm better than half of you
because... every mother fucker that's hatin
is slowly fadin
and achin
and wakin
with terrible migraines
goin insane
burn you to flames
interrupt the game
ruin your fame
don't understand me
then you need an interpreter
niggas hatin since i'm going further
but my rhymes got you going crazy

oh hi daisy
how do you like the gravy?
heard you was in the navy
and now you're making mils
can you do me a favor? and pay these bills
nah i'm playin
that i won't start slayin
every faggot that's disobeying
my rules
with yo fake ass jewels
nigga who you tryna fool
wait what the hell am i even saying
quit complaining
because you see me flaming
every artists i could be naming
ha no now i'm getting cocky
don't try to copy
my flow
or watch me as i go
i love my fans i can't even lie
they're one of the only reason why
i open up my eyes
now i advise
you stay in disguise
as i fertilize
every rapper that dies

uh i'm going above the limit
i'm way passed finished
now i just diminished
any rapper that's in my way
remember what happened to the ones i slayed
in order to elevate
i must relate
to the late
watch me as i segregate
cover up like a masquerade
stay outta my lane when i meditate
or get dominated
you'll have to investigate it
this is dedicated
to any rapper who wants to replicate this
i'll take the risk
my rhymes are irrelevant
stomp you out like an elephant
even if you're innocent
pass me the crown
don't frown
when you're going down

(Thanks to Young Prodigies for these lyrics)
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