Lyrics to AA Outro
We do not participate in attention seeking behaviour
La musica de Harry Fraud
We don't seek to be saved, you see
Sock it to my motherfucking pocket
You understand what I'm talking about?
I'm talking about that retail, you understand?
Nigga, straight up, you can wait on the stream all you want
The fuck around and Katrina your stream, boy
You heard?
Yeah, nigga, I told niggas
The true cryptocurrency is in this music, this renaissance
And the physical aspects of what the retail market distinguishes
Based on these fucking perfect arrangements, beautiful sound, and the art that accompanies it
Shit, praise God, praise Him
The first thing you gotta do is stop listening to bad music
I don't listen to no fucking garbage music
The only type of music I listen to is this type of music right here
You understand what I'm saying?
Let me tell you why, 'cause this has several factors involved, you see
Man can be governed in four ways, you see
You govern people in four ways
And you use words, and you use imagery
And if none of that shit work, you pray for them niggas
And if the prayers don't work, then, shit
You use God's hands, you understand?
That's the final means, and God is a force, you understand?
And it's through man that God has access to this world, you understand me?
So God operates through what man perceives
And this world is perfect
What's imperfect are the ears listening to what's going on right now
And all I hear is the stomps and the st-stamps and the hoofs and the
And the musings of one trick ponies
I done heard that shit they done did 17 times already
I'm finished with that shit, you feel me?
Your missus at home, the renaissance man, let me tell you something about renaissance periods
The renaissance is distinguished and admired by those who are the strivers, you understand?
The general populous is conceived and perceived to be a lumping group of ignorance
The renaissance spawned out of the pockets of those who embrace art, embrace arrangement
Who embrace the process, you understand?
And these are what makes perfection perceived
By those who are normal
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