Lyrics to A Year In Its Passing
A Year In Its Passing Video:
Every year we are hurried so slowly
We vain our fears from the hurt that is holy
We lose our lives in the light of October
And compromise, Halloween's getting colder

And we're off on the golden ground
As we swim in a sea of sound
By the look in my eyes we're out
Till the morning comes around

Put my hands in the dark of December
And burning bends through the souls that ember
Scream our eyes but it cost us the winter
Gather one in a flash of a splinter

And we watch the fight ,stand down
Get lost to the place we found
In the desert dreams will drown
Till the morning comes around

Dragonflies and the scent of the sea moves
Enslave july and you know you must leave her
Summer days are a strong everlasting
Autumn phase one more year in its passing
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