A woman is a prism Lyrics

Eric Andersen

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Lyrics to A woman is a prism
A woman is a prism Video:
A creature of the open skies, that?s what she wants to be.
Unhampered like the waves and grass
that are weaving rhythmically.
And speaking through her skin she does
the language of the leaves,
and tripping by the water?s edge like Huckleberry Finn,
seeking her reflection, yes then seeking it again.
And looking like the flowers do, that is with no sense of sin.

But as a woman who looks like timelessness, her I don't recall.
But as a lover who just took me now, this one, I do know best of all.

A child spoken for no one and always full of needs
expecting full attention just to show that she can please.
She?s a broken promise keeper, wanting so bad to believe
in something that would need her much, that could lead her fearlessly.
Even if it were a prison dark, she?d give away the keys
it if simply took her by the hand and promised not to leave.


A lover with an open mind that speaks of love so free
believing it a rightful thing to be taken openly,
all except for the lover who?s in her eyes
whom she guards most jealously,
but always keeping careful distances and happy just as long.
She?s waiting for the moment when she knows her time has come
then she?s patient like a snowflake that?s falling to the sun.

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