Lyrics to A Waste Of You
A Waste Of You Video:
These past few blurs of what we call months have
seemed to eaten through me...
torn apart from the little we had
denied of what it should be

You're said to be my hero
Here's your fucking chance
I'm more of a father than you are to me
You're not even a man...

the thing that burns the half of me
is made up of you..
and im the one that suffers..
The thing that burns the worst...half of me is made up
of you...and im the one that suffers
get out...i want you out of me...

Indecisive actions leave me in a state of hostility
bring me to my boiling point,a point that i
should not reach..

I'm screaming on the inside..
Yet wear a mask of dignity
it's hard to feel alive when
you've rotted away half of me get out..

The thing that burns the most....
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